1) The stage will be made available for prior arrangements maximum half hour before the session hours

2) Sound Application system with maximum 6 microphones with a facility of play back system.

3) The rental charges of the Auditorium includes the following facilities –

a) Main centre parting curtain, back curtain, side wings, frames, files/zalars.

b) 4 flood Halogen lights 1000w, 2 solar lights of 2000W, 6 spot lights of 1000W & dimmer control panel having 12 dimerstart of 3 KW.

4) Any party desirous to use any extra electrical/stage materials on extra payment shall have to deposit the amount at least two days in advance of the programme. The demand for any arrangement of extra reservation of equipment on the spot shall be entertained subject to availability.

5) The accommodation can be spared for Rehearsal on request subject to availability. The same shall be made available for Rehearsal between 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The booking of accommodation for Rehearsal shall be confirmed eight days in advance. The facilities of A.C., Sound system and Generator shall not be provided for rehearsal but the working light shall be provided. If any party desire to have a sound system and other light equipment for rehearsal the same can be made available against the prescribed payments.

6) Premises shall not be available for booking on below mentioned days.

a) 26 January (Republic Day)
b) 30 May (Goa Statehood day)
c) 15 August (Independence Day)
d) 19″ December (Goa Liberation Day)
e) Good Friday
f) Ganesh chaturthi & Panchami
g) Diwali
h) Christmas

7) The booking of the accommodation can be done 2 months in advance At the time of booking the party shall pay the Security Deposit and prescribed rent. The Security Deposit shall be refundable to the party after receipt of application for refund within 8 day subject to condition that no damage is caused to Ravindra Bhavan property during the performance. In case of any such damage the amount shall be recovered from the Security Deposit.

8) Any request from party for preponement or postponement shall be treated as cancellation as per clause (9).

9) If for any reason the party intends to cancel the booking of any accommodation, they can do so, subject to recovery by deduction of

cancellation charges as follows:

a) Cancellation 30 days before the date of programme      — 20%

b) Canecellation between 29 and 15 days  — 40%

c) Cancellation between 14 and 7 days of the date of programme    — 60%

d) Cancellation between 6 and 1 day before the date of programme    — 100%

Note:-  While calculating the above days, date of programme shall not be counted.

10) No subletting of accommodation is allowed. In case of any change in the category of programme, it shall be treated as cancellation of the booking and the charges prescribed for fresh booking shall be levied.

11) The party should produce the following documents at the time of booking or at least four days prior to the programme date:

a) Permission of the writer/Producer

b) Licence/Alvara from the Mamlatdar of Margao, Goa.

c) Advertisment Board display licence from the Margao Municipal Council. In case of any objections regarding a, b, c, above the Ravindra Bhavan shall not be responsible for any compliance.

d) NOC for use of amplified sound from competent authority in case of outdoor programme.

e) The sale of tickets through the person managing the ticket counter in the Ravindra Bhavan Complex shall be availed of maximum 08 days in advance of the performing date.

f) Public performing Licence for music has to obtain NOC as per the copyright Act 1957. Ravindra Bhavan, Margao will not be responsible for any violation of the above act or any compensation sought/claimed towards violation of the same.

12) The advertisement board of the programme can be displayed 15 days in advance. No boards shall be allowed to be displayed at the Ravindra Bhavan Complex, No nailing or pasting on the walls of the complex shall be allowed. No person shall be allowed to remove any existing fixture from the complex. If the party desires to have its own advertisement board, they can do so, provided the size of the said board should be 4 X 2 %”

13) Sale of tickets and ushering for the programme shall be the responsibility of the hiring party at their cost.

14) The party may bring any materials/equipments/exhibits etc. for the performance/displayed, at their own risk, however, it should be entered in the office register maintained by the Security Official on duty Similarly while taking back the material the same needs to be recorded in outgoing Register maintained at the Security Counter

15) The parties booking accommodation shall remove their materials from the auditorium no sooner the show is over. In case they failed to do so, the materials shall be removed by the Ravindra Bhavan at the cost of the concerned party by deducting the charges from their security deposit. Similarly, and if such material remains unremoved even after 1 day the date of the programme, all such materials shall stand forfeited without any intimation and subsequently shall be disposed off as unclaimed property

16) 15 seats in Pai Tiatrist Joao Augustinho Fernandes Auditorium from seat A-5 to A -19 shall be kept reserved for the Ravindra Bhavan as marked in the chart. The authorized entry passes for these seats will be issued by Ravindra Bhavan, Margao separately without any references to the party These authorized entry passes will have to be honored by the party.

17) The hiring parties shall be supplied of one copy of sitting plan/chart free of cost. If the party intends to have extra copies, the same shall be supplied on payment of Rs. 10/- per plan/chart.

18) On account of any defective chair/seat In the auditorium no reduction in rental charges shall be made. The exact number of such chairs can be ascertained from the Theatre Manager.

19) The accommodation shall not be made available for marriage, religious ceremonies and political party meetings.

20) No fireworks will be allowed in the Ravindra Bhavan complex.

21) Cooking as well as consumption of alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the premises of Ravindra Bhavan complex. Similarly, no eatables or drinks of any kind shall be allowed Inside the auditorium.

22) A) The party booking the accommodation shall have to make their own arrangements to check the tickets at the entrance of the auditorium in case it is a ticketed programme and person checking the entrance shall remain present till the end of the show so that no unauthorized person shall be allowed to go in. The party booking the accommodation shall be responsible to make the necessary arrangements of police bandobast etc. If required

B) It will be the responsibility of the hiring party to see that the show starts on time. I.e. the time mentioned in the booking form. The timing shall not be changed unless it is approved by the Ravindra Bhavan.

C) Hiring parties or their representative shall remain present in the complex till the end of the show.

D) The charges for the additional hour should be on Pro-rata basis, subject to availability of accommodation.

23) Whenever any booking is done for any programme where Ravindra Bhavan feels the necessity of deputing extra security staff for controlling traffic or entry gates in respect of prohibiting eatables and drinks in the Ravindra Bhavan, extra security guards will be deployed for services and the expenditure thereof will be recovered from the hiring party. Similarly it shall be the responsibility of the hiring party to make an announcement/appeal at the beginning and also during intermission not to carry any eatables, drinks and also smoking inside the auditorium.

24) The Ravindra Bhavan reserves the right to cancel the booking done by any party if that particular date is required by the Government or by the Ravindra Bhavan for their programme, without assigning any reason. The Ravindra Bhavan shall pay to the party a compensation of 25% of the rent, if the cancellation is done by this office within 3 days prior to the date of programme, in addition to the accommodation rent paid by the party. If cancellation is done prior to 3 days of the date of the programme, only the deposit & rent paid by the party shall be refundable.

25) If the programme is cancelled for any technical reasons on the part of the Ravindra Bhavan, only the rent paid by the party shall be refunded and no extra compensation shall be paid.

26) Once the show is started but fails to continue the same due to unforeseen technical reasons, in such cases no refund of rent or any compensation shall be paid by the Ravindra Bhavan.

27) The Theatre Manager shall decide under which category a programme could be charged and accordingly the rent prescribed under the category shall be fixed.

28) In case of dispute on any point, the decision of the Chairman/ Vice-Chairman shall be final and binding on the Party

29) These rules are subject to alterations and modification at any time without prior notice at the discretion of the Ravindra Bhavan.

30) The revised rates, if any, will be made applicable from time to time without any prior notice.

31) Booking forms are available in office of Ravindra Bhavan No booking will be accepted if the forms are incomplete.



Ravindra Bhavan,

Margao Goa


Member Secretary

Ravindra Bhavan,

Margao – Goa