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Pai Tiatrist Joao Agustinho Fernandes Auditorium

An air-conditioned and fully equipped “Pai Tiatrist Joao Agustinho Fernandes Auditorium’ of a full capacity of 1069 seats. We provide an arena of opportunity to an emerging artist and foster an appreciation of Art and Culture with an engagement of the audience. This makes us the face of the ‘Other side of Goa’ which is beyond the beaches, rich and vibrant in its culture, art, music, dance literature and folk and depicts the unity in diversity and ethos of Goa within its ecosystem. We organize various cultural programs to create a hub of convergence and interaction of Art.”
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Auditorium Specification


Rental Charges Per Session

ParticularsRentSGST 9%CGST 9%TotalSecurity

Grand Total
Drama/Tiatr/Lectures arranged by locals amateur non-profit making & registered Institution, Annual Socials of education Institution etc.₹11,000.00990990.00₹ 12,980.005,000.00 ₹ 17,980.00
Professional drama/Tiatr/Western Music Concert, Lectures, Orchestra, Cultural programmes.₹13,000.00 1,170.001,170.00₹ 15,340.005,000.00 ₹ 20,340.00
Beat Shows/Dance concert/Fashion show/ Magic show, organized by local groups/Amateures.₹13,000.001,170.001,170.00₹ 15,340.005,000.00 ₹ 20,340.00
Beat shows/Dance concerts/Fashion show organized by the professional.₹30,000.002700.002700.00₹ 35,400.0010,000.00 ₹ 45,400.00
Conferences & Seminars for Corporate₹ 30,000.002700.002700.00₹ 35,400.0010,000.00 ₹ 45,400.00
Rehearsal (amateurs) with sound, light & A.C.₹2,000.00180.00180.00₹ 2,360.00-₹ 2,360.00
Rehearsal (professionals) without sound, light & A.C.₹2,500.00 225.00 225.00 ₹ 2,950.00-₹ 2,950.00
Grand Rehearsal (amateurs) with sound, lights & D.G. without A.C.₹ 6,000.00540.00540.00₹ 7,080.00-₹ 7,080.00
Grand Rehearsal (professionals) with sound, Tights & D.G. without A.C.₹ 8,000.00720.00720.00₹ 9,440.00-₹ 9,440.00

Film Projectors

ParticularsRentSGST 9%CGST 9%TotalSecurity DepositeGrand Total
For local Producers₹15,0001,350.001,350.0017,7005,000 22,700
For Private Contractors & arrangers on week daysRs.20,0001,800.00 1,800.00 23,600 5000 28,600
For Private contractors & arrangers on Sat, Sun & Holidays.Rs.25,0002,250.002,250.0029,500 5000 34,500
Premier Next 5 showsRs.7,500675.00675.008,850 -8,850
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