Khula Manch

‘Khula Manch’ this platform will be provided to young and upcoming artists from the field of dance, music, theatre, poetic meet and they will be allowed to perform on this open stage. RBM will be paying a nominal honorarium to the artist. The maximum time provided will be 60 mins. Idea of this platform is to give opportunity to all local talent from Goa to perform before the audience. This event will be held on first, second and third Friday of every month. Minimum criteria is he/she has to submit an application with biodata, completion of visharad degree or equivalent, letter of recommendation from teacher (guru) and any certificate of letter or participation in any music festival in Goa or outside.
This event will be held every Friday of the month at 6.00 pm.
1st Friday – Drama
2nd Friday – Music
3rd Friday – Dance
4th Friday – Poetic Meet
This is also open for all the cultural institutions of Goa.

*Please take a print of the form, fill the details, scan or take a photo and email it to