Ravindra Bhavan Film club Membership

Following are the rules and regulations for the Ravindra Bhavan Film Club and all members are requested to abide by it.

  1. Theannual membership fees will be 1000 only.
  2. Theannual membership fees for bona fide students will be

Rs.500Copy of valid ID card to be provided.

  1. Memberscan bring in a guest for a particular screening by paying the requisite fee of 100/- per Screening..
  2. The membershipis valid as per the Financial year – that is from 1st April to 31st
  3. The membershipis open strictly to those above 18 years of
  4. Seatingfor all screenings will be on a first come first served basis. In case the auditorium is full, members are requested to co-operate with the officials for the purpose of additional
  5. The Ravindra Bhavan Film Club intends to hold regular screeningsand is committed to screening a minimum of 20 films in a year.
  6. Members should carry their membership card with them for thescreening either in physical format or a digital copy (photo)
  7. TheRavindra Bhavan Film Club committee may revise the annual fees at the end of the Financial year.
  8. Oncethe membership is taken, the Ravindra Bhavan Film Club will not entertain any requests for a refund.